Short Shift Kit

Short Shift Kit installed

After sorting out the issues with the gear lever and linkage I wanted to install a Short Shift Kit (also know as a Quickshift kit). The kit reduces the gear lever throw by 30%, making gear changes feel much tighter.

Several places sell the kit online but I went direct to Si Whitmore at T3volution who makes them. The kit only works with 14mm gear levers so check yours before buying. Generally:

  • Vehicles up to chassis number WV2 ZZZ 25Z C 200 000 have a 12mm shaft
  • Vehicles from chassis number WV2 ZZZ 25Z D 000 001 have a 14mm shaft

…but there was some crossover.

The guide below shows installation onto a T25 with petrol engine (diesels are slightly more complicated as you have to go under the van).

Note: Si is currently doing a deal on the kit for £20 including UK P&P if you email him direct.

The Short Shifter Kit with instructions

The kit comes with detailed installation instructions and a handy diagram:

Short Shifter Kit Assembly Diagram

The first step is to unscrew the gear knob and pull the gaiter free.

Next, slide the sleeve onto the gear lever and drill a recess with a 4mm drill bit (using the hole as a guide). Once done, remove the plastic sleeve again.

Drilling new recess using guide sleeve

Note: I recommend covering the bush assembly before drilling, this will stop any metal filings dropping into it and ruining your nicely greased bushes.

Make a mark on the front of the assembly and the position of the bolts so you know which way to refit. Undo the locking collar and two nuts then slide the bush assembly off the gear lever.

Slide the plastic sleeve back onto the gear lever and screw the bolt extensions in place.

Plastic Sleeve and bolt extensions in place

Put the spacer onto the bolt extensions (flat side up).

Spacer in place

The last step is to slide the assembly back onto the gear lever, bolt it back into it’s original position and then secure the locking collar using your newly drilled indent.

Short Shift Kit installed

The whole procedure took about 10 minutes to do.

With the kit installed the gear changes are so much nicer, i’d definitely recommend this upgrade if your gear linkages are in good order.

9 thoughts on “Short Shift Kit

  1. Hi, my gear stick is all over the place reverse, 2 and 4 are almost in the same place and you just select them from a different angle. Will this help or just compound the problem?


  2. Hi, Do you know if Si is still selling this kit? Email link is broken.

    Brilliant blog – thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.


  3. Hi Bob, not sure if he’s stopped making the. I think you can get alternative versions from other supposed. I might have an extra set, let me know if you’re still after one.


  4. Anyone know if this kit can still be purchased? Heard horror stories about some kits so very keen to get this proven one. THANKS 😉


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