Rewiring Stereo to Leisure Battery

My investigation into the Zig MC-2000 12V wiring found that the stereo, lighter socket, courtesy lights and clock run off the vehicle (starter) battery. This seems silly considering the van has a 90AH Leisure battery fitted.

I want to use the stereo and socket (to charge devices) when camping without worrying whether the van will start the next day.


A quick search and I found this thread on the Brick Yard forums which identifies alternative wiring options. Essentially there are two ways to do this, both require a length of cable from the leisure battery positive to the fuse board in the glove compartment:

  • Option 1: Cut the red power cable running into the back of the fuse board (red block, pin position 12) and connect the feed from the leisure battery, or
  • Option 2: Remove the 15A fuse in position 3 and insert the new feed into the front using a spade connector

I went for option two as I wanted to keep the wiring loom as original as possible. It also means I can revert to the stock option by simply pulling the spade connector out and plugging the fuse back in.

The fuse in position 3 powers the lighter socket, courtesy lights and clock as well as the stereo so all three will now be running off the leisure battery.


Route the new wiring will take

To protect the cable under the cab mat I used the old polymide hard line from when I changed over the fuel fines as a sleeve. It was the perfect fit for the 21A rated cable I bought from eBay. I also bought an inline fuse holder and a Wago 2-way connector.

It’s a really simple job, these are the steps I took:

  1. Disconnected earth feed from Vehicle and Leisure batteries
  2. Unplugged 15A fuse from position 3 on Fuse Board
  3. Ran sleeve under trunking and secured to floor
  4. Fed cable through sleeve
  5. Crimped spade connector to cable
  6. Inserted spade into top slot of fuse position 3
  7. Connected inline fuse holder (reusing the 15A fuse) using a Wago connector
  8. Bolted cable to Leisure Battery positive
  9. Reconnected earth feed from Vehicle and Leisure batteries

Job done!

Excuse the dusty fuse board cover:

Spade connector plugged into the top of Fuse position 3

At the battery end:

The finished result:

Everything back in place and working!

4 thoughts on “Rewiring Stereo to Leisure Battery

  1. Great thanks again for your help it is really appreciated your instructions are also very clear and easy to follow. thanks again Jack


  2. Hi James, can a switch be fitted to the feed to stop a drain from the battery over long periods of inactivity? I’m not sure how to do this or if its possible. Thanks. Ger.


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