Upper Control Arm Bushing Replacement

Welding spark with overlay text how to upper control arm bushing replacement

In this video I replace the bushings in the Upper Control Arm/Wishbone. I take all the parts off, do some spot welding, then refit and adjust to the correct specification.

Welding for the first time

I used a Clarke 151 TE Turbo Gas Mig Welder for the spot welds. I found the Mig Welding Forum really useful as a beginner and Trev’s Blog YouTube channel brilliant for learning the concepts and set up.

Welder and mask on floor
Clarke 151 TE Turbo and welding mask

You’ll see in the video that it took me a while to get the right settings. It wasn’t until I whacked the power up that the welds were OK due to the thickness of the metal.

Gloved hands welding the wishbone with blue sparks
Spot welding the upper control arm bush

Torque settings

  • Upper Wishbone Bolt: 75 Nm
  • Upper Ball Joint Hex Bolts: 60 Nm

Parts list

I reused my originals, but here are the other part numbers if you need to buy new:

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