This blog documents our experiences of owning a Volkswagen T25 campervan.

Sir Adventure is a 1991 Autosleeper Trooper with a 1.9 DG Petrol engine.

I am no mechanic so rely entirely on Google, the Club 80-90 forum and VW T25 community to learn as I go along.


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  1. Hey,will be watching this very closely weve recently bought a hightop autosleeeper and look like we will be carrying out the same sort of repairs,but she`s worth it I reckon


  2. Hiya James, thought I’d say that it’s always best to let someone else DIY on their van before I do mine! I’ve been motivated by your great videos, pics and ‘can-do’ attitude to start the next phase of replacements and repairs to our Autohomes Komet ’87 1.9 petrol hightop. Fortunately the first owner or Autohomes did a very good anti-rust treatment on the underside and it has prevented any real rust issues. When I bought it 5 years ago I had the refurb chappy go over the worn areas with Rustoleum spray. But it is starting to show some seam rust at the back lower side panels and along the underside seam welds (probably due to having to leave out outside these past 2 winters) but generally it is in very good condition. I’ve mimic’d your suggestion on getting an ebay carb and refurbing it – almost done – and once that one works will tackle the original one. I’ll sell on the refurb’d one as I’m sure there is a demand. I’ve got plans to replace the front steering bushings this summer as per your videos. Also a gearbox oil change. So, all in all a BIG THANKS for all your efforts to show how simple the DIY can be.


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