Switchable USB Socket

Now that the lighter socket runs off the leisure battery I wanted to swap it with a dual USB socket with a switch to turn it on and off. Neither of us smoke so a USB version would be far more useful than the original socket for powering our phones/sat nav.

I went for a Blue Sea Dual USB Socket which proves a 2.1A output across the 2 sockets.

Removing the Lighter Socket

I followed this great video by GoWesty which explains how to remove the lighter socket, it was pretty straightforward. I reached around from the left side and wiggled the plug free, in retrospect I could have left this until I pulled the inner section out.

Parts List

Wago terminal, switch and USB socket

Making Holes

I used a micrometer to measure the size of the USB socket (28.49mm) and switch (20.23mm), then used a Step Drill Bit to enlarge the holes in the dash to the correct size. Luckily, a previous owner had already drilled a random hole next to the lighter socket so I just made it bigger.


The illuminated switch needs it’s own earth connection for the LED) so I used a 3-way Wago terminal block to split the black earth cable.

This is the wiring which ends in one positive and one negative male spade connection:

USB socket and switch wiring

To connect my new set up to the van’s electrics I simply pushed the spade connections into the plug which powered the old lighter socket. The new black cable went into the brown negative terminal and the new red connected to the red positive.

The connection into grey/blue cable is unused (this powered the LED in the original socket).

New connections into original plug

The Blue Sea USB Socket has a locking collar which needs screwing in from behind. I fed the cables through, connected everything up then reached around the back to secure it in place. The on/off switch just pushed in.

Finished Result

I’m very happy with the end result, it fits in really well and the blue LED even matches the stereo!

Blue Sea USB socket with on/off switch

3 thoughts on “Switchable USB Socket

  1. I think that they are for the original Autosleeper front curtains. At least that’s what they are for on mine.


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