Truck Mirror Upgrade

Truck mirror installed

I’ve always found the standard mirrors to have really poor visibility and tend to suffer from “floppy mirror syndrome” when on the motorway (there are ways to reduce this).

I swapped the right side one to a convex mirror type on the drivers side which did improve visibility, however I have always liked the “Syncro look” of the truck mirrors. They give a wider angle of view and can be folded back against the van when needed.

I took the plunge and got the following set from Brickwerks: Mirror Set – T3 / Truck Style / Convex *Complete Set*

Truck mirror and bracket

Truck mirror and bracket

The set consists of the following parts:

  • Truck Mirror – Left – 251857513F
  • Truck Mirror – Right – 251857514H
  • Mirror Screw Set (Tamperproof)
  • Self Tapping Screw – 5.5×22 / Philips / Countersunk / Raised Head (2)
  • Self Tapping Screw – 5.5×16 / Philips / Countersunk / Raised Head (4)

Removing the old mirrors

There are two philips screws holding the mirror in place, undo these and remove the rubber gasket from underneath.

Unbolting the mirror from the door

Unbolting the mirror from the door

Installing the Truck Mirrors

Fit the plastic gasket to the bottom of the bracket and bolt into place using the tamperproof bolts (or re-use the original bolts).

Securing the lower bracket

Securing the lower bracket

Line up the upper bracket to the door frame and use a punch to mark where to drill a pilot hole for the 5.5×22 screw.

Install the rubber gasket and drill holes for the two 5.5×16 screws. I painted the exposed metal to protect against rust.

Tighten everything up then attach the mirror to the bracket using the supplied bolt and washer. I used a vise grip to compress the bracket so I could slide it into the mirror channel.

The 10mm bolt then secures the mirror to the bracket.

Once adjusted to your preference just tighten up the bolt and put the cap on the bolt. That’s it!


The mirrors look really smart and i’m really happy with the improved visibility.

Truck mirror installed

Truck mirror installed


Standard mirror - left

Standard mirror – left


Truck mirror - left side

Truck mirror – left side

Alternative Options

Landrover Mirrors

It is possible to use Landrover Defender mirrors when used with a custom bracket. They offer convex mirrors for excellent visibility and can be folded back whilst retaining their position.

Custom Brackets: The brackets are available to buy direct from Rowlesy by emailing

(Images courtesy of DoubleOSeven on the Club 90-90 forum)

LT Mirrors

VW LT mirrors also fit if you can find a pair, although the angle of the bracket is sightly different as shown in this picture from

Syncro vs LT mirror brackets

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