ARB and Drop Link Bush Replacement

After completing the Lower Control Arm and Radius Rod bushes, the next part of the front end rebuild is the Anti Roll Bar (ARB) and Drop Link bushings. (Also known as Sway Bar and End Links).

Again, i’m fitting Powerflex bushings in the video but the approach would be the same for standard replacement bushes.

Buying the correct size

The ARB and Drop Link bushes come in three different sizes depending on the year/model of your van – 19mm, 21mm and 23mm. To quickly check which size you need use an open end spanner and place it over the ARB. My ARB meaured 19mm.

Measuring the ARB to determine bush size

Note: This is an opportunity to upgrade your ARB to a larger, stiffer size if you wish to change the handling/roll characteristics of your van.

Parts used:

How To

The video below details how to remove the related bushed and refit the whole assembly. This was a very straightforward procedure, the only tricky part is getting the Drop Links reattached to the Anti Roll Bar. I did this in-situ on the van using vise grips and a G-clamp, I have added an alternative method below if you have a vice.

Technique for refitting the Drop Link to the ARB


The new bushings fitted here (and in the other posts) have significantly improved the handling, it feels much more like a modern vehicle and there is far less wooliness to the steering. A recommended upgrade!

Alternative vice method by Christopher Schimke (T3 Technique)

Part numbers in this post:

  • ARB To Body Bush (19mm) – 251411041B
  • ARB To Body Bush (21mm) – 251411041C
  • ARB To Body Bush (23mm) – 251411041A
  • ARB Drop Link Upper Bush (19mm) – 251411045B
  • ARB Drop Link Upper Bush (21mm) – 251411045
  • ARB Drop Link Upper Bush (23mm) – 251411045A
  • ARB Drop Link Lower Bush (one size) – 411 513 121
  • Spacer Sleeve – 251411047



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