The task this weekend was to carry out a service, replacing the following:

  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Air filter

Oil Change

For a complete oil change you need 4.5 litres of 15W40 Mineral Oil, a new Oil Filter and a Sump Plug Compression Washer.

The Sump Plug is located underneath the engine, it is easily accessible from the rear of the T25 and does not require jacking or ramps. I recommend sliding a piece of wood or cardboard on the floor for you to lie on.

Undo the Oil filler cap (behind the number plate) and pull out the dip stick slightly. Position an oil capture tray under the engine and undo the Oil Sump Plug. Once removed the oil will pour out very quickly:

Draining the engine oil

After the flow has slowed to just dripping you can remove the Oil Filter. I use an oil filter wrench but you can stab it with a screwdriver and twist off. Try not to drop the filter in the oil pan like I did, it’s very messy!

The next step is to pour a bit of fresh oil into the new oil filter, run a bit of oil around the rubber seal and screw into place. Put a new compression washer on the Sump Plug and bolt into place.

Finally, pour your fresh oil into the oil filler tube, you will need 4.5 litres in total (minus what you poured into the oil filter). I use a flexible funnel as the angle can be a bit tricky. Warming the oil in a bucket of hot water first speeds this bit up.

Spark Plugs

To remove the spark plugs pull off the ignition lead and unscrew using a socket wrench. In the second picture you can see the black buildup on the current plug compared to the brand new plug. I’ve opted for NGK BP6ET plugs. Remember to remove the terminal stud before fitting, they simply unscrew from the top.

Air Filter

Removing the Air Filter box

The Air Filter box is located at the top right of the engine bay (on a 1.9 Watercooled Petrol engine). To remove, follow the directions in the image above and the box will lift straight out. Once removed simply unclip the latches and you can lift the air filter straight out.

My air filter box was full of gunk and even had a dead snail inside. It was definitely due a replacement:

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