Lower Control Arm Bush Replacement

It’s time to look at the front suspension and replace my tired bushes! First on the list (thanks to a group buy discount) is the Lower Control Arm (also known as Track Control Arm).

The diagram below shows the bush (pink) and the Lower Control Arm (orange). On earlier models (pre-1984) the Control Arm and Radius Rod are different but the bush is the same.

Diagram of the Lower Control Arm

I bought the Track Control Arm Bush – T3 / Polyurethane Vehicle Kit from Brickwerks. I went for the Powerflex version, instead of a normal rubber bush, which makes fitting far easier due to it’s split design. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

After consulting the Haynes and Bentley workshop manuals I read through this blog post by Brickwerks and CovKid’s thread on the club80-90 forum for tips on how to tackle these bushes.

Here is the video documenting how I got on:

The main takeaway is to drill the bush as much as possible before attempting to pull it out as they are rock solid.

If you have any questions please ask below or in the comments on YouTube. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Lower Control Arm Bush Replacement

  1. James
    These are the most clear and helpful guides I have come across. Its kind of reassuring as your tacklimg the job for the first time and getting it right. I have not tackled any of the jobs yet, but your giving me the confidence to have a go at the simpler ones.
    Keep them coming. Cheers Nick


  2. So read all the links, thoroughly enjoyed the video, grate information. Is it worth considering the normal rubber bushes for fitting?


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