Pierburg 2E3 Disassembly

I recently bought a job lot of parts which included a broken Pierburg 2E3 carburettor. To improve my own knowledge and help others who want to understand the inner workings I have filmed the process of stripping the carb down completely, ready for a rebuild.

3 thoughts on “Pierburg 2E3 Disassembly

  1. Hello, I’m following with attention your tutorials.
    I’ve just bought a Golf MK2 1.3 from 1985 that use the Pierburg 2E3 i think very similar to the one installed on the T25, maybe only the conduct dimensions are different.
    The carb is in poor condition, no way to set idle speed, if you press down the car loose power and some gasoline smell in the engine compartment. And the CO is very low indicating a lean mixture.
    So in a few days I’ll remove the carb for a full rebuild. I’ve just ordered a full restoration kit from Vwheritage, and then I’ll start my adventure 🙂
    Your guides will be very useful!
    I let you know who will win between me and the pierburg! 😉
    Regards and thanks!

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