The Adventure Begins!

It’s a week after handing over a wad of cash and driving Sir Adventure from Bath to his new home in Manchester. The frustration of working a 9-5 job at this time of year is zero daylight when you get home so no time to tinker. It has been a long week!

The previous owner used to park him next to a hedge which made it very mossy. Needless to say he was in much need of a good clean.

We had a whole weekend free to clean him up and really examine any potential problem areas.


Moss covered pop-top roof

I used diluted Bilt Hamber Surfex HD to squirt onto the body work and gave everything a good scrub and power wash.



Thoroughly satisfying.

Next steps:

  • Carry out a service – oil change, oil filter, spark plugs, antifreeze, air filter, windscreen wipers (fuel filter replaced in September apparently so should be fine)
  • Test leisure battery
  • Examine rust areas and plan treatment

3 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins!

  1. Hi , there great site , best out here . Can you give me a bit of advice . I have renewed most of the gear stick mechs and also linkage nr gearbox . But alas still not going into 3/4 but did when I change using my hand nr gearbox . Any suggestions would be good , cheers Kev


    1. Hi Kevin

      Have you tried adjusting the the splines where the linkage rods meet? There should be a guide in the Bentley workshop manual (take a look on the download page).



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