Windscreen Washer Jet Upgrade

The standard single-jet windscreen washers are really not up to covering the large window sizes on a VW T25. A simple upgrade delivers 200% more fluid through three independent jets – clearing your windscreen much faster and acting like a modern vehicle.

This upgrade uses jets from Suzuki Swift/Alto/SX4 cars, reproductions of which are available to buy direct from China on eBay and other sources.

Alternatively, you can help support this blog by using the links at the bottom of the post. All jets are tested, come with instructions and are sent First Class via Royal Mail in the UK.

Old vs New Jets



Method for removal and adjustments



The results:



Buy a Washer Jet Upgrade Kit

I have a few set available to buy, all proceeds will help fund this blog and further work on Sir Adventure!


Front Washer Jet Kit

Washer Jet Upgrade for VW T25SALE
Buy Now – £9

Front and Rear Washer Jet Kit

Washer Jet Upgrade Front and Rear for VW T25SALE
Buy Now – £14

7 Replies to “Windscreen Washer Jet Upgrade”

  1. Hi there, I managed to lose the pipe back inside the body having clipped off the hose…what a nightmare. Any idea how I sort it out? I am assuming I’m going to have to remove the whole dashboard?


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